House of Hallucinations Halloween at House of Yes, October 27

Date: October 27, 2018

Time: 9:00 pm

Take a trip through your psyche into a world of psychedelic nightmares. Let your weird and wild visions morph into disturbed reality as you wander through Halloween at the House of Hallucinations.

Distorted visual brilliance in every color of confusion. Illusions and installations filled with surreal spectacles and ferocious fantasies of the cute and creepy, dangerous and delirious. Indulge in technicolor temptations and dance with acid induced apparitions in a paranormal playtime.

It’s Halloweekend and we’re delving deep into visions of surreality. Nothing is what it seems and everything is real.

House of Yes
2 Wyckoff Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11237



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