Ingenuity of Airborne Wireless Network: Digital Superhighway in the sky!


Ingenuity of Airborne Wireless Network: Digital Superhighway in the sky!


Originality. Cleverness. Skill. Uniqueness. All of these descriptions are synonymous with the company, Airborne Wireless Network (ABWN).

As demand increases for reliable internet access worldwide, new ideas are needed to advance the use and abilities of technology to meet the needs of today and the future. All eyes are upon ABWN, and the world is literally watching as this company turns their once mega-idea into a mega-reality: The creation of a virtual airborne worldwide web.

It was in 1998, during the early days of wireless data-connectivity, that ABWN’s inventor submitted a patent that was granted in 2001. Although tragedy struck the U.S. just a few short days later on September 11th and would delay this technology implementation, ABWN got back to the business of developing a system in 2016 that will most assuredly change the face of business, security, and industry in the coming years as a leader in the broadband technology market.

ABWN’s Wholesale Carrier Network will be the first and only true airborne broadband pipeline, providing worldwide broadband services using commercial aircraft. In other words, aircraft would be used as “mini-satellites,” offering worldwide data and communications service providers with a new, more efficient and effective service.

This “worldwide web” is a meshed network, one where all nodes are connected via multiple links. Traditional “single link-systems,” cell-tower and satellite systems, for instance, suffer from what is called “single points of failure.” Using ABWN’s system, however, would stop those failures.  If a link happens to be interrupted, the signal is simply redirected to the next participating aircraft, ship, or earth-station in the chain.

Just think of all the industries that can benefit from this technology. With ABWN, the ability to provide first responders, even in some of the world’s most remote areas, across the globe with higher quality and reliable service. Emergency and disaster deployable systems and Defense communications will improve and operate easier because of the higher bandwidth and quality signals. There will be more and easier access to areas in need of service, and it would be supplied at a lower cost to under-served markets. Simply stated, lower cost but yields better performance!

This global airborne wholesale wireless broadband network will provide live streaming to monitor the health of systems on planes, locomotives, ships, and more. The Wi-Fi quality of service being heightened will allow for a better passenger experience, and the on-board hardware can support aircraft to aircraft awareness and monitoring, bringing far more safety to the skies.

ABWN’s system generates income for all partners through its increased data traffic as well, and the low weight hardware makes for easy implementation on both aircraft and ground stations which is highly desirable for all potential partners.

Last, but not least, it is important to remember that, unlike satellites which can be disabled or knocked out of orbit by “space-junk,” ABWN’s system operates in a safe and controlled environment (typically between 20,000 and 40,000 feet). And once a satellite is launched into orbit, they cannot be upgraded or serviced, unlike the ABWN system. Not only will the service be vastly improved, but as new and more efficient data-transmission technologies are created, upgrading this new ABWN system will be easy by simply upgrading the “modules” in the airplanes or ground stations vs. attempting to do so in space with the limitations of time and costs.

The internet is “worldwide” and continues to bring our world together. The demands of better systems and service continue to grow as well as the need for future technology for everyone’s use broadband capabilities.   ABWN has a proven concept and is testing the programs now. With the Airborne Wireless Network, the issues that have gotten in the way of improving connectivity for business, industry, defense and individuals will be solved more efficiently than ever.

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Original Source:  Baret News


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