Slack Product Lead on Product Careers for the Non-Technical PM, April 17

Date: April 17, 2019

Time: 7:00 pm

Everyone’s product career starts from a number of different paths. While there isn’t a straight line into product management, it’s not very often that you hear about an English PhD becoming a product manager. How can you apply skills learned in non-product backgrounds to build your career? Slack Product Lead Jaime DeLanghe discusses how to apply non-technical backgrounds to product management roles that put these skills to work. She will talk about building her resume on the job by leveraging her liberal arts background and growing new skills along the way.

About The Speaker

Jaime DeLanghe leads the Search, Learning, and Intelligence Product Team at Slack – responsible for building data-driven products that make it easy to find everything you need to get work done. Prior to joining Slack, Jaime worked at Etsy – leading a team of product managers responsible for the Etsy marketplace across platforms. Jaime holds a degree from Wesleyan University.


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